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Customer Testimonials

"My girlfriends and I did Tira's stress management workshop at my house and it was fantastic! We learned so much valuable information. She taught us techniques to  relieve stress and how to know what our stressors are and how to block them. My favorite part were the deep breathing exercises and meditation. I highly recommend the stress management workshop! 

-Caroline S., Nurse at Cape Fear Hospital

"My family and I are glad to write a testimonial about the services we received. Tira worked with us on elevating our personal courage, 3 levels of listening and practicing mindfulness. These techniques will last us a lifetime! If your family or any relationship you have isn't working call Tira today."  -Angela Bulgarelli and family, Army Wife

"Mrs. Kelker-Mason helped end a long standing feud between me and my husband! Trust and forgiveness have been major issues in our marriage. We went to a marriage counselor, that made thing worst! Mrs. Kelker-Mason's 13 step program really saved us from divorce. We can't say enough wonderful things about how caring and real she was with us.  I will definitely recommend her services."

- Monica C., Loan Officer

"Tira really understood me and my fear of retirement. She helped me successfully transition from military life back to a productive civilian life with a new career."  

- Brian Daniels, Retired, Army

"Like Tira, I am a military spouse. I was afraid to return to school after so many years. I had lost my confidence and belief in myself. Tira helped me find myself again and the courage to begin a new journey!" ~Karen B., Part-time student, FTCC

" I met Tira through a friend from church. I did the 90 min Power session and it was awesome! I was completely overwhelmed as a new military wife. This was my first deployment and I was lost. Tira helped me get organized, introduced me to ACS and told me things only a seasoned military wife would know. Thanks Tira!"            -Robbin Terry, Army Wife

"I needed immediate results! Working with Tira I quickly moved from one goal to the next. She helped me to identify and strengthen weaknesses, develop key leadership characteristics and better manage my time. With Tira as my executive coach, I have extensively changed my leadership approach. I now see myself more objectively. I am tremendously pleased with my results."

-Dave R., Management, Reynolds American

"I never would have thought I would be going to college in the fall. Tira really understands military life and wives. She understood my reluctance to return to school, my fears and need to redeem myself. Tira motivated and inspired me to seek more and try harder. She really cared about my success. I completed my financial aid and enrolled in classes for the fall term. I love our follow up call and hearing her say she was proud of me." 

  -Dawn Jasper, future college student, Pueblo Community College 

My marriage was over, or so I thought until I worked with coach Tira! At first it was just me working then eventually my wife joined in. Wow is all I can say, my favorite exercise was the "Man in the Mirror" exercise. It was a turning point for us and  the breakthrough we were looking for. Like Tira says we didn't break our marriage over night and we're not going to repair it over night but at least now we have the tools. This was the best $900 I've ever spent, it was more than well worth it. My wife and I are working through our issues with renewed commitment and purpose. I am happy to write a review because coach Tira is genuine, honest, caring, committed and thorough. I definitely recommend Tira as a relationship/marriage coach! She saved our marriage!   ~Chris K., E-6, US Army Ft. Bragg

I loved working with Coach Tira! She is tough but caring and that's what I needed, someone to call me on my bull! Although I did not complete all of the task she gave me I did accomplish a great deal quickly. I felt that she really cared about me and wanted me to succeed. I guess she wanted my success more than I did. But I will continue to work with her in the future. Thank Tira for getting me off the starting line!

~Sophie Rodriquez, Army Wife

"We loved working with Coach Tira in resolving our martial conflicts. Her programming is not like traditional techniques that are generic. The relationship package is tailor made to address your individual issues. Tira is attentive and caring while being truthful yet fair. Its been 4 months since our coaching sessions ended and we are really happy and pleased with her services." ~ Paul and Christina, Army Family

When I met Tira I had been in therapy for over 2 years with no progress. I was a shut-in with no life. My wife left me shortly after my mom died and I had mentally and physically checked out of life. Tira helped me find a purpose and lust for life again. I regained my confidence and self-respect. I worked with Tira for a period of 8 months and I saw so much progress and change in my life that its overwhelming. There are not words I could ever say to express my gratitude for Tira. She genuinely cares about her clients, she wants us to be happy and successful. I had so much guilt, emotional pain, and low self-esteem.

 This lady worked with me to build me back up! Tira challenged every doubt, excuse and fear I had to stay right where I was, locked in my house not living but existing. I have a life now! I'm out dating, traveling and enjoying life again thanks to Tira. I can never thank her enough for saving me. My advice to anyone who struggles with any aspect of their life, give Tira a call, let her guide you and help you find the happiness you want. Thanks again Tira for all you do, you are truly a gift from God! I would not be here if you had not come into my life. ~Richard Bailey, E-8 Army Retired 

"I brought the self-esteem booster for my 15 year old daughter and I ended up doing it too. All I can say is wow! Talk about challenging your beliefs and forcing you to acknowledge your own BS! I love this program because it was on my own time at my own pace. Tira would call or email to check in and review, But when I was done I had discovered some new truths about myself and I had gain power over my self-esteem. Tira is a wonderful coach."

~Lisa P. Sale Associate, Walmart

I am happy to say that I am the 1st client to purchase the Work Life Balance package. When I tell you that Tira really gives values for your money, believe me! The content is useful and applicable. Within a few days I could see a difference and by the end of the month my entire team noticed a change and was asking me what did I do. I'm super excited each day about work because Tira changed my mindset. This was a great experience with fast lasting results! ~Katie Woodson, Realtor

"My family had a good and bad experience with Coach Tira. I brought the relationship package for the family. I guess some of us were more dedicated to the process than others and I felt that Tira could have done more to encourage them to participate. Anyway the ones of us that did participate, we loved it. We have been using Tira's tools and techniques to keep communication open. We learned a lot and I would recommend her and use her services again. Tira says that you can't force someone to care or change but focus to only change yourself. She says that once they see how the rest of us behave and communicate with each other they will follow. I am happy about our progress but I wish my brothers would have tried." ~Bill Hadden, General Manager

This was a wonderful opportunity to improve myself and take myself to the next level. Thanks Coach Tira for your patience and wisdom. ~Emily G. LabCorp

I'm very excited about the new journey I'm on! I've been divorced for 6 years and dating has been difficult to say the least. Tira Kelker-Mason helped me get out of my own way and I have found new love and I found myself again! I think I gave so much of myself away and didn't save anything for me. I rediscovered my value and I've got my groove back and a new love to boot!  
~Deidre V., UNC Health Care