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Life. Relationships. Executive Coaching:

Our goal is to get you moving forward on your own terms and to create genuine positive changes in your life as fast as possible. Most people who hire me are already extremely capable and talented. They recognize that working together to reach their goals or get past a critical sticking point will allow them to achieve much greater results in considerably less time. They understand that coaching is an investment in themselves and the quality of their life.

Whether you’re dating, a newlywed, married for 30 years, or divorced, we will help you create the relationships you want and deserve.  At Fresh Start Seminars & Coaching we work with you to address every relationship in your life. We focus on strengthening families and resolving conflict. Seeking different outcomes is a wonderful sign of growth and we grow from our experiences and those experiences shape how we relate to others. Sometimes relationships have to be reinvented, renewed, & refreshed.

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Life & Relationship coaching

We specialize in the following:
Stress Management
Mindset Training/ Mind Shifting
Transitioning ( job or death of a loved one)
Goal Setting & Achievement
Life Skills training

Marriage Conflict Resolution
Team Building in Families
Pre-Deployment & Post-Deployment coaching
Divorce (Pre & Post coaching)

Executive Coaching

Our philosophy on executive coaching is measurable outcomes in a small amount of time. We set clear comprehensive objectives and we map out a strategic plan to achieve them. We focus on SWOT analysis while increasing leadership presence, characteristics and skills. We want our clients to thrive; we provide them tools and techniques not only to meet their goals but to surpass them.

 " Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." - Proverb

We Specialize in the Following for Executive Services:

Resume Writing

Leadership Development

Time Management

Conflict Resolution

Stress management

Career Development

Goal setting & Achievement, Life Skills training, Cumberland county, Fayetteville, NC